Injuries are clearly a thing of the past for Scotty Cranmer, who showed he’s back in top form at today’s BMX Park Finals. After battling injuries in past seasons, he came back in his final run to take the Dew Tour Championships win and secured the first Dew Cup of his career.

With double back flips over the box from both Kyle Baldock and Andy Buckworth, the guys were setting the bar high after each run. There were huge transfers to wallrides from Dennis Enarson, a cashroll over the box from Brett Banasiewicz and explosive riding from Mark Webb.

Defending Dew Cup champ Dhers did a 720 bomb drop to start and took the lead after his first run. Enarson followed with a wallride to opposite tailwhip back to tie score with Dhers.

Cranmer was next up for his first run, with a huge transfer to start. He landed a flip double tailwhip down the step down later in the run but fell at the buzzer and didn't score well.

That left it up the second run for Cranmer to redeem himself, where he came back with the insane run below to score 92.13 and take the win.

"Ever since my foot injury, I've been having a rough time. It threw me off with nine months off my bike. Truthfully, I thought the Dew Cup was out of my reach. That's because I was never that consistent of a rider. I just didn't have faith in myself. Over the last year and a half I've discovered what I rode for. I found myself on my bike and off my bike. I've never been happier, I've never been more positive and I'm so grateful for this Dew Cup. It's unbelievable.

Scotty Cranmer – Flip 2 Whip – 1st Place

Scotty Cranmer Close Up

Dennis Enarson – Double Truck – 2nd Place

Daniel Dhers – Flair Whip – 3rd Place

Brett Banasiewicz – Cash Roll – 4th Place

Kyle Baldock – Truck To Whip – 5th Place

Mark Webb – Double Whip – 6th Place

Garrett Reynolds – 360 No Hand – 7th Place

Gary Young – 1 Hand 1 Foot – 8th Place

Patrick Casey – Double Whip – 9th Place

Josh Harrington – Cannonball – 10th Place

Andy Buckworth – Double Flip – 11th Place

Harry Main – Fast Plant – 12th Place

Harry Main Close Up

Scotty Celebration