The Dew Tour officially starts tomorrow, but the action started today with almost 100 riders ripping up the Dirt and Park courses for Open Qualifiers. On the Dirt side, Josh Stead, Jaie Toohey, and Ricky Moseley were the strongest of the day. Scotty Cranmer also showed another side, advancing to the Dirt prelims. Park is still going on now, check back soon for photos. Dirt results below.

1. Josh Stead
2. Jaie Toohey
3. Rickey Moseley
4. Charlie Bowers
5. Scott Wirch
6. Ronnie Napolitan
7. Josh Hult
8. Colton Satterfield
9. Scotty Cranmer
10. Ben Voyles
11. Dane Searls
12. Morgan Wade
13. Zakary Earley