By Jamie Bestwick – Austin Coleman heads one of the best vert final line ups of this season. Jimmy walker rode super solid tonight on his bright red bike and Coco scrapped through for the final spot after pulling a rad Flairwhip! Kevin Robinson pulled a huge alley oop 540 and Vince Byron is becoming a stand out rider in the vert class with his mix of regular and opposite riding, a definite force to be reckoned with in future events. Simon Tabron was in chill mode sort of but still put down the biggest 540’s of the night.
With myself, mcCann and Kagy already in the final, its going to be one
hell of a contest!

By the way I will never get tired of Tim Wood doing 10ft high 900’s, incredible!

Special mention to DMC, Zach Warden and Jay Eggleston who had a battle going on for overall points standings!

And Free Flow Tour winner Mykel Larrin was absolutely amazing and really did himself proud out on the vert ramp!