There is a saying that it's sometimes hard to distinguish the difference between luck and hard work. But that's not the case when it comes to Pierre-Luc Gagnon, who did something that no one's ever done before. No, he didn't land the first 1080, but he did win what could be considered the trifecta of today's skateboarding vert by winning the gold at X Games, the Maloof Money Cup and the prestigious Dew Cup all in the same year.

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A pretty amazing achievement when you think about it but what is even more amazing is that this is not the first time PLG has done this. In 2008, the Darkstar rider did the same thing winning the top two single vert events and the overall Dew Cup Championship but this year he did it in the mist of the media circus that is Shaun White.

PLG started off with a win in Boston at the Skate Open           

Even though some made them out to be big rivals, they actually skate the same ramp together back home. And earlier in the season, PLG looked at the bright side of all the hype.

PLG and White duking it out

"He's skating good to so that's pushing us, because hey, we don't want to let the snowboarder win," PLG said with a laugh. "It could be a good thing too because a lot of his snowboard fans could get into vert skating, where maybe they wouldn't if he wasn't there."

Portland’s Wendy’s Invitational was another podium finish, this time in third-place

But at the finals in Vegas, it all came down to strategy and PLG wasn't about to risk what he'd worked hard for all season. Even if it meant that Shaun White won the event, and PLG took the Cup after finishing second.

He finished one step higher, in second, at the Toyota Challenge in Salt Lake

"I had this strategy from the start, I'm like 'Be smart, don't be stupid, go for a solid safe run and be in the top three because that's what you need to win the Cup," PLG said.

He placed second in Vegas, but took home the Dew Cup

"I'm pretty sure would have taken this stop but then I fell on the kickflip 5 and Shaun skated great today and ended up winning the stop so everyone's happy," PLG said. "I won the tour and he won the stop. It's all good."

PLG has competed in all six years of the Dew Tour missing only two events after he broke his kneecap while skating Tony Hawk's ramp back in 2006. For every event he's competed in, he's made it to all 26 finals. This year he made it all the way to the Dew Cup, like he did in '08.

"You never want to end the year like on a bad note you know by losing the Cup when you've been in the lead all year," PLG said. "So it was definitely awesome to end the year with a good performance and stay in the lead and win the Cup. And definitely a good confidence booster for next year."

PLG starting the season on a good note with his win in Boston

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