Jamie Bestwick is one of the few riders who can bail right at the beginning of his first run and still seem a lock to win the event. That’s just what happened today. Bestwick came back after a fall on his first run, to steal the win in typical Jamie fashion: huge airs and back-to-back-to back bangers. Simon Tabron came in second, relying on a stellar first run. But, his highlight came in his second run, when he attempted to nail a one-handed, one-footed 900. Rounding out the top three was Stevie McCann, who had just barely missed the podium early the day in Park. We also had a bit of a scare, when Chad Kagy missed his landing on a double flair attempt. However, he was soon back on his feet and watched his buddy Bestwick win.

Highlights from Flip below.

Jamie crashed his first right out of the gate which isn’t like Jamie at all. He didn’t seem too upset though and was all smiles knowing he could make up ground on his second run. However after seeing Kagy go down in his second run, Jamie wasn’t too excited to ride. He snapped out of it, though, as soon as he dropped in for his second run. This allyoop downside whip is one of the coolest Vert tricks I think I’ve ever seen.

Kagy bobbled his first run so he came out swinging his second run with a double flair. Things didn’t work out and it brought a quick end to his run. Chad ended up being ok and stuck around to see the end of the comp. Chad is one of the toughest guys in BMX for sure.

Jay Eggleston goes higher than pretty much anybody on a vert ramp. Big airs like this with huge 540’s helped him land a 7th place finish.

Kevin Robinson looks like he’s been riding a bunch the past few months and it paid off here in Chicago. Flairs in both directions and big no handed flairs put him in a solid 4th place.

Koji Kraft is a local to the Chicago area and had the crowd behind him for sure. Super original tricks and stylish inverts like this made him a stand out. A little bad luck though put him in the 10th place spot. I’m predicting Koji will have a good year.

Find me another photo of a guy in his 40’s doing a 6′ flair on a vert ramp and I’ll be very impressed. SWEET is probably the the best word to describe DMC.

Coco rides the vert ramp with trails style and is super smooth. Big tuck no hander to 8th place.

Jimmy was born and raised in Chicago and made his home town proud. Seatgrab 540’s, flairs both ways and style all over the ramp—5th place honors this weekend.