Jamie Bestwick claimed his ninth consecutive BMX vert victory, leading from his second run on and once again asserting his dominance at the Toyota Challenge. The five-time Dew Cup champion has never lost in Salt Lake City, and just racked up his sixth win inside EnergySolutions Arena.

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Sitting in an uncharacteristic second place going into the Final Jam and beyond, Bestwick took full advantage of the new vert finals format and used his second-to-last run to finally jump into the top spot.

With the new finals format, each rider was given three 30-second runs to start the competition. From there, all 10 riders are reseeded based on their top run's score, with the top five advancing to the Final Jam. In the Final Jam, each rider received a new set of three 30-second runs, with the best score from the last leg of the contest determining the final standings.

Simon Tabron had the 900 on lockdown throughout the competition, but it was Chad Kagy's third run of the finals, which kicked off with a flair whip and also included a barspin flair and a huge Indian air, that gave him a 92.25 and the top spot going into the Final Jam.


With new blood Austin Coleman, Zack Warden and Vince Byron all looking to crack into the top five after vert regulars Kagy, Bestwick, Tabron and Steve McCann locked in positions one through four, it was Francisco Zurita who nabbed the last spot in the Final Jam.

Kagy once again established the lead in the Final Jam after landing a barspin flair and a double whip for a 92.38. However, Bestwick chose his second run to return to his usual form, linking a tabletop 540 straight into an alley-oop 540 and ending it with a double downside tailwhip that earned him 94.13 and had the crowd on its feet.

Kagy had one more attempt at dethroning Bestwick with his final run, but Bestwick's score could not be topped. Kagy claimed second, while Zurita took the third position for the first Dew Tour podium of his career.


1. Jamie Bestwick, 94.13
2. Chad Kagy, 92.38
3. Francisco Zurita, 90.88
4. Simon Tabron, 90.63
5. Steve McCann, 90.00

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