Five-time Dew Cup Winner Jamie Bestwick just collected the first win of the season in the BMX vert finals at the Nike 6.0 Open, and if it's any indicator of the past, he's successfully set himself up for a historic bid number six for the Dew Cup.

His winning run included an alley oop 540, flair downwhip, invert 540, double down whip, opposite back flair, fastplant flair and huge tailwhips and turndown flairs.

Jamie Bestwick Superman Seatgrab Indian

Once again, Chad Kagy was faced with the always the bridesmaid but never the bride predicament, and landed in second. His first trick was a nac nac seat grab to barspin to X up to set up for his flair tailwhip. He landed smooth and gained height for a barspin flair.

Chad Kagy Tailwhip

Steven McCann, a new face on the vert scene in recent years, showed he's come into his own and earned a spot in third on the podium. His run included an alley oop whip, double tailwhip, 5  whip, no-handed 5 and a barspin to turndown.

Steven McCann Tailwhip

A standout at the finals was 20-year-old Vince Byron, who came over straight from the Park Finals and killed it in vert, but finished just off the podium in fourth.



1. Jamie Bestwick, 95.38
2. Chad  Kagy, 92.75
3. Steven McCann, 92.38
4. Vince Byron, 91.63
5. Simon Tabron, 91.50

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