The Toyota Challenge got wrapped up this afternoon with a big show from ten of the best BMX vert riders around. The podium looked the same as the last stop, with Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kagy, and Steven McCann in 1-2-3 spots. With the win, Bestwick takes a commanding lead in the Dew Tour standings, in front of McCann. But, there were also some different faces today, like Tim Wood and 19 year old Vince Byron, riding in his first Dew Tour finals ever. 

Jamie, the man of the night, DESTROYED the Dew Tour Vert ramp, going so high with every air and shredding every inch of the ramp. Jamie made it rain with an ally oop tailwhip, downside tailwhip, flair over the center bank gap, flair footplant, 540 ally oop, and a crazy-looking downside tailwhip flair.

Jamie’s run may have been insane, but Chad Kagy put up a strong fight, and even sat in first for a few minutes before Jamie dropped in. He landed a flair, invert, tuck, flair whip, nac nac x up one hander, double tailwhip, tailwhip flair, superman seat grab over the bank gap, and ended his run with an insane double tailwhip flair.

Rounding out the top three was Steven McCann, who has now sat at that position on the podium at each of the Dew Tour this year. Not too shabby of a season, especially as his overall point total puts him at second in the Dew Tour standings, the highest he has ever ranked. Steven secured that spot by throwing down bangers like a tuck no hander 540, superman seat grab, double whip, airing out of the bank with a turndown to x up, and a flair tuck nohander.

The riding outside the podium pack was insanely strong today too. Tim Wood blasted a 900 to flair, one handed turndown, tuck no hander 540, and a turndown 540 to land in fourth. Just behind Tim Wood was Simon Tabron, who spun a 900 brakeless, 40 lookback can can, and an ally oop 540 no hander. Vince, the 19 year old shredder, came in sixth, landing a double whip, 540 tailwhip, 540 barspin, downside one footer to lookback, x up turndown, barspin to toboggan, and a downside whip. The pro Finals were right after the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals, and to see those kids, and then Vince, it’s good to know the next generation of BMX Vert riders are working their way up.

Following them were Jimmy Walker, Kevin Robinson, Francisco Zurita, and Austin Coleman. Jimmy brought the ruckus with a flair, turndown to x up, table to x up,  opposite flair, and a 540 seat grab. Kevin throw down a gigantic superman, flair, tuck over the center bank gap, and a crazy ally oop corcked 540. Francisco was speeding acroos the bank gap to bast huge airs. In his run he landed a tuck no hander, inver, flair, tailwhip, turndown, double whip and a flair x up. Austin busted out tailwhips all over from a double whip, to downside whip, and also landed a clicked invert.