For eight years BMX Vert at the Dew Tour has showcased the best riders giving their all and pushing the sport to new heights, but each year one man has risen to the top of the vert walls to claim the first place title. Jamie Bestwick has never been beat on the vert ramp at Dew Tour, and if anyone thought this year would be any different at the Ocean City Beach Championship they simply underestimated Bestwick’s ability – as did the man himself.

Coming into the weekend’s festivities, Bestwick had a small hiatus from his BMX leaving him feeling a bit rusty when he took to the ramp.

”I had been at the Olympics in London and not touched my bike for three weeks, give or take a session, so I didn’t really have high expectations,” said Bestwick in response to his eighth win. “I just came to Ocean City to have fun with the family and to have some good times with the fans at the Toyota booth!”

As the six-man BMX Vert Final Round 2 unfolded it wasn’t looking good for Bestwick. With two runs left unfinished Bestwick sat in the last place spot going into his final run, but he still remained optimistic as ever.

”It was a really interesting contest from my perspective, sitting in last place with one run left gives you an opportunity to put something together. That’s what I did.”

With the high energy from the fans in the sand combined with the adrenaline level displayed by the other riders, Bestwick rolled into his final run and threw down huge alley-oop 540s between various flair combinations such as flair downside whips, opposite flairs and fastplant flairs. Bestwick’s solid execution raised him to the top once again maintaining his reign as the sole undefeated winner of the Dew Tour BMX Vert ramp.

Looking to 2013, Bestwick promises to continue in this trend of performance by sticking to what he does best.

“I’ll be doing the same as what I’ve been doing for the last eight years and that is get on my bike and ride every opportunity I can. I’m always trying to concentrate on where I am going and how I can change my riding rather than concerning myself on what others are doing.”

Bestwick also spoke to returning to the environment that has become home to the Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City, Maryland.

“I look forward to seeing the great fans and new opportunities that come with the Dew Tour. I love to pack up the DK bike in the Toyota Tundra and drive to Ocean City Dew Tour, taking in a few iced Monsters on the way!” said Bestwick. “I love the food and the beach in O.C. not to mention the skee ball in the arcades, and not forgetting to grab a hermit crab to take home. Good times.”