Ben Wallace Throws Huge Last Run to Finish First in Dirt Semis


Ben Wallace took the top spot in today’s BMX Dirt Semi-Final on the TJ Lavin designed course. Wallace threw down a huge last run that started with a 360 lookback into a 360 tuck no-hander, a downside double tailwhip on the hip and a 360 double downside tailwhip to earn a 92.63. Wallace along with Jaie Toohey, Brett Banasiewicz, Josh Hult, Colton Satterfield, Gary Young, Mike Clark, Cam White and Nate Berkheimer will take on the top three finishers from the Portland Invitational – Dennis Enarson, Kyle Baldock and Brandon Dosch. The BMX Dirt finals will take place Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and be followed by the Alli RideShop BMX Dirt Big Air contest.

The following nine riders will advance to Saturday’s Finals.

1. Ben Wallace – 92.63
2. Jaie Toohey – 91.63
3. Brett Banasiewicz – 90.63
4. Josh Hult – 90.63
5. Colton Satterfield – 90.00
6. Gary Young – 89.88
7. Mike Clark – 89.63
8. Cam White – 89.50
9. Nate Berkheimer – 88.88

Click the link for the full results from BMX Dirt Semi-Final.

Lavin and Magilla

Ben Wallace – No hander – 1st Place

Jaie Toohey – Superman – 2nd Place

Brett Banasiewicz – No Hand Front Flip – 3rd Place

Josh Hult – Double Whip – 4th Place

Colton Satterfield – No Hander – 5th Place

Gary Young – -360 1 Hand Table – 6th Place

Mike Clark – 360 Nose Dive – 7th Place

Cam White – Turndown Whip – 8th Place

Nate Berkheimer – Whip – 9th Place



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