Ben Hatchell Tops Tampa Am Vert Contest

On Saturday, in the shadow of the Street Qualifiers for Tampa Pro, the Tampa Am Vert contest was held where Ben Hatchell dominated to win both the Qualifiers and the Finals. Ben who says he had not skated vert in a year had no problem besting a field of 24 top amateurs. He even pulled a blunt kickflip fakie, a trick that most professional can't do. Brazil just keeps turning out vert rippers as Italo Penarrubia skated into the second spot. All the way from England, Sam Bosworth took third. The next three spots were standouts from last year' Gatorade Free Flow Tour. Clay Kreiner the winner of the GFFT finals in Salt Lake City placed sixth while runner up Dalton Dern placed fifth. Fourth place went to Jordan Price who bettered his seventh place finish from Salt Lake. Rounding out the Top 10 where Sweden's Oskar Gydell, Steven Pineiro from Jacksonville, Florida and two more Brazilians Carlos Niggli Silva and Murilo Peres. Big props go out to SPoTlight Productions for keeping the vert dream alive and all the friends and family that support these up and coming skateboarders.

Clay Kreiner – Backside Air – from Gatorade Free Flow finals in Salt lake City, Ut
Clay Kreiner_b.s air

Jordan Price – Lein Air – from Gatorade Free Flow finals in Salt lake City, Ut

Dalton Dern – Handplant – from Gatorade Free Flow finals in Salt lake City, Ut

Full Results

1. Ben Hatchell
2. Italo Penarrubia
3. Sam Bosworth
4. Jordan Price
5. Dalton Dern
6. Clay Kreiner
7. Oskar Gydell
8. Steven Pineiro
9. Carlos Niggli Silva
10. Murilo Peres


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