Beau Bamburg may be injured right now, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to take part in the Dew Tour. So, he may not be riding, but he will be reporting from the Wendy’s Invitational all weekend.

Well here we are in beautiful Portland, for the third stop of the Dew tour and I have to tell you as sad as I am to be broken and not riding. I am pretty excited to hang out with all of my buddies again and smell the Memorial coliseum filled with premix and race gas. We are going to see some changes in the format at the Dew Tour this year. I think it will spice it up a little bit, and I know that since they’re going to throw a little contest into the demo, we are going to see everyone step it up and bring their A game.

Speaking of A game: Dew Tour brought an A team of riders up to Portland this year, including last year’s Dew Cup champ Adam Jones, as well as Mike Mason, Jeremy “twitch” Stenberg, Ronnie Faisst, Nate Adams, Jeff Fehr and everyone’s favorite arc jumper Robbie Maddison. Some of the changes will include a new head to head team competition where four riders will represent each team and compete against the other until the last two riders remain. The thing I think I’m most excited about is the fact that there will be a new rule put in the mix to really see who is the most well-rounded rider. The first round will be where all 8 riders get 3 jumps to eliminate the field to 4 riders. The only catch is NO backflips allowed. For the second round the four riders left will get to jump 3 more times with one flip trick thrown in to eliminate two of the riders. The 3rd round of the “triple threat” will see those final two go at it with 2 flip variations and one right side up trick to see who can claim the overall victory. Not sure if thats enough to wet your FMX whistle? Well rumor has it that each event will include additional side events such as “My favorite trick” “Pick a trick” and my personal favorite “Biggest whip.”

So come on out to the Dew Tour and if you can’t, keep checking back throughout the weekend as I will keep you all up to date with what’s going on with practice and what’s going on with all the riders as they get set to battle it out in the rose city.

Until next time, Beau