Brazilian skater Pedro Barros just turned pro and celebrated his accomplishment by inviting his friends for a skate session in his backyard bowl at his house in Florianópolis. In true Brazilian style Barros still found time to man the barbecue for the crowd of supporters.

The party was a blast with sun and beer and skating all day long. Since it wasn't a competition everything went off without pressure. Skaters were ripping throughout the day, including Dew Tour skater Carlos de Andrade who showed his skills tearing up the bowl.

Each time a skater hit a good line he earned some cash and by the end of the day everyone went home with some money. There was a lot of positive energy during the session and once again Florianópolis entered into the history books of skateboarding in Brazil, thanks to the RTMF crew.

Pedro Goes Pro – By Eduardo Braz

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