Back in July, 15-year old BMX sensation decided he'd try his luck at competing in the Dew Tour's dirt discipline, just because he "likes trying new things."

Brett Banasiewicz

Then he went on to win his first Dew Tour dirt final at the season-opener in Chicago, and it also happened to be one of his first times competing professionally in dirt. Then he won again at the next stop in Portland, and podiumed at the third stop in Salt Lake City.

The Salt Lake podium, (l-r) Brandon Dosch, second, Dennis Enarson, first, Brett Banasiewicz, third

"It's always cool to find new lines that nobody else is doing and be creative," Banasiewicz said, who's the overall leader with 282 points.

Throughout the season that creativity came in the form of a cashroll on dirt – a 180 to back flip 180 – that only Daniel Dhers can do over a box jump in park. All that's left now is Vegas, and Banasiewicz is guaranteed to win the Dew Cup as long as he makes it onto the podium.

Brett Banasiewicz, cashroll

"I'm trying to stay on my bike as much as I can," Banasiewicz said. "I didn't really complete that in Salt Lake but hopefully Vegas I'll be able to ride and maybe get the Cup."

It funny, but even the other guys are rooting for him.

Brandon Dosch, double tailwhip

"That's what BMX needs," Dosch said of the new blood on tour. "More competition. More progression."

Brandon Dosch narrowly missed the Dew Cup last season after Ryan Nyquist won it by only six points. This season Dosch is again ranked second overall with 252 points and if he wins and Banasiewicz finishes fourth or lower, the Dew Cup is his.

Brandon Dosch on top of the start tower

"I think it's going to be really interesting and I'm going to give it my all," Dosch said.

The dirt course rendering for Vegas

Dennis Enarson is ranked third with 230 points and a chance for the Dew Cup, but don't expect him to be keeping track.

Dennis Enarson, no-hander

"Honestly, I don't like to follow the points or anything because then that just gets in your head and stuff," Enarson said. "I really have no clue where I'm at, so who knows if I can even win. At the first stop I got like eleventh. I messed up Chicago in finals."

But he has been keeping track of Banasiewicz's riding.

Brett Banasiewicz, double tailwhip

"I'm honestly real psyched on the kid," Enarson said. "He's amazing. It's so good to see a fresh face in dirt and that'd be awesome if he wins. I'd probably be more psyched if he won that if I did, you know. He's 15 and that would be so good for him."

If Enarson wins and Banasiewicz finishes seventh or lower and Dosch finishes third or lower, Enarson wins the Dew Cup.

Dennis Enarson chilling

Next in line for Dew Cup contention is Australian rider Luke Parslow, who's not afraid to say how he really feels about the new kid on the dirt scene this season.

Luke Parslow, 360 flip

"Brett coming in lit a fire underneath my ass for sure," Parslow said. "It started making me work hard again you know. I appreciate it"

"I've had some crashes, but the for the points race, I'm still in there," Parslow said. "Hopefully, fingers crossed, and Vegas is extra points, so I got a lot of hard work to do before then."

Brandon Dosch, opposite turndown

In Vegas, the points are increased by 50 percent, so a win gives the rider 150 points, instead of the usual 100, and so on down the line. The extra points will help last year's Dew Cup dirt champ Ryan Nyquist, who has a chance for his second consecutive Dew Cup if he wins and the rest of the guys ahead of him falter.

Ryan Nyquist, 720 double barspin

But in BMX dirt, it's all about the day, so in Vegas anything can happen.

Dennis Enarson, seatgrab one-footed x-up

"There's always little things like wind or whatnot that can be a factor," Parslow said. "But on the day it comes down to if you're lucky or not, man. If you land your run you land your run."

Luke Parslow, tailwhip

Tickets are still available for the Dew Tour Championships, and the BMX dirt finals are on Saturday, Oct. 16 from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

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