After making history last month as the youngest winner in the history of the Dew Tour, 15-year-old Brett Banasiewicz made history again at the Wendy's Invitational, landing the first-ever cash roll on dirt and winning the BMX dirt finals.

With 11 riders gunning to dethrone Banasiewicz following his win at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open, the BMX dirt finals at the Wendy's Invitational picked up where yesterday's prelims left off and were packed with big tricks from the first rider to the last.

Brett Banasiewicz Cash Roll

In his first run of the night, Banasiewicz earned a 94.50, starting with a 360 drop-in and closing out his run with the debut of the cash roll, a 180 backflip to 180, on a dirt course. The young gun went even bigger for his second run, landing a triple tailwhip, back and front flips and front flip out of the course to  prove his dominance.

Sitting near the bottom of the pack, two-time Dew Cup champion Ryan Nyquist's final run included a number of his signature barspin variations, including a 720 double barspin, and he leapt from eighth place all the way up to second with a combined score of 92.81.

Ryan Nyquist 720 Double Barspin

Taking third place overall was Dennis Enarson, who has made it onto the Portland podium for three consecutive years. He was sitting in second going into the final runs of the night, but got bumped down to third after Nyquist's strong run. Trying to regain second, Enarson landed a triple whip, opposite double whip and 360 double whip on the final hit but he couldn't unseat Nyquist.

With only the podium finishers from Chicago left to ride, Brandon Dosch sat in fourth and Luke Parslow in eighth. They both improved their scores, but couldn't make it into the top three and Banasiewicz treated the crowd to a victory lap and a second cash roll for his second consecutive Dew Tour dirt victory.

Dennis Enarson Opposite Double Whip

The BMX dirt finals closed out the Nike 6.0 BMX Open, but they kicked off the finals action here in Portland at the Wendy's Invitational. And if tonight's final was any indication of what's to come at the Dew Tour, tomorrow's BMX vert and skate park finals should go off. Get your tickets here.


1. Brett Banasiewicz, 94.12
2. Ryan Nyquist, 92.81
3. Dennis Enarson, 91.94
4. Luke Parslow, 91.06
5. Brandon Dosch, 90.75

For full results from BMX dirt finals, click here, and for current Dew Tour standings, head over here.

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