Badertscher and Buass Lead Snowboard Slope Qualifiers

After a snowy day on Wednesday, Norway's UIrik Baderstscher enjoyed some sun during Nike Open's Thursday men's slope qualifier. Badertscher put together a run of back lipside leading into a front boardslide gap to frontboard, followed by a fronstide 720, backside 1080, into a front boardslide 450 out, finishing with a cab double 900 and double rodeo 900, to score a 91.17, topping Seppe Smits, 87.00, and Justin Morgan, 85.17, respectively.  The top 12 qualifiers prepare to take on Shaun White, Scotty Lago, Sebastian Toutant, and other top competitors in the Semi-Final on Friday afternoon.

1. Ulrik Badertscher– 91.17
2. Seppe Smits- 87.00
3. Justin Morgan- 85.17
4. Ian Thorley– 82.33
5. Zach Stone- 80.33
6. Antoione Truchon- 78.83
7. Gjermund Braaten– 78.67
8. Charles Ried- 76.83
9. Chris Tierney- 76.17
10. Dash Kamp- 76.00
11. Tor Lundstrom- 75.50
12. Patrick Burgener- 74.00

Ulrik Badertscher – 1st Place

Seppe Smits – 2nd Place

Justin Morgan – 3rd Place

Ian Thorley – 4th Place

Zach Stone – 5th Place

Antoine Truchon – 6th Place

Gjermund Braaten – 7th Place

Charles Reid – 8th Place

Chris Tierney – 9th Place

Dash Kamp – 10th Place

Tor Lundstrom – 11th Place

Zach Stone – 12th Place

Torstein Horgmo

Danny Davis and Scotty Lago

In the women’s field, Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas brought it during the snowboard slope qualifiers, throwing down a run of 50-50 frontside 180 out, cab 180 into 50-50, followed by a backside 360 and frontside 360, down into a 50-50 mute, closing with a mute grab and backside 180. Buaas' score of 87.83 on her first of two runs was enough to best Silvia Mittermueller, 85.67, and Sina Candrian, 83.50, under a blue sky at Breckenridge. The top eight women from Thursday's qualifiers now prepare to take on an intimidating Semi-Finals field on Saturday.
1. Kjersti Ostgaard Buass– 87.83
2. Silvia Mittermueller- 85.67
3. Sina Candrian– 83.50
4. Joanna Dzierzawski-  81.17
5. Sarka Pancochova– 79.67
6. Stefi Luxton- 79.00
7. Celia Miller- 71.50
8. Julianne Brackett- 68.83

Julianne Brackett

Joanna Dzierzawski

Celia Miller

Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas

Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas

Sarka Pancochova

Stefi Luxton

Sina Candrian


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