Simi Valley's Skatelab was one of the hosts of the Free Flow Tour this weekend, bringing out some of the best up and coming skaters from SoCal and its surrounding regions.

Skate Street

The skaters in the open division tore the course a new one with hammer after hammer all day long. Skating just about everything in the park, L.A.'s Austin Zito put his own stamp on the contest.  The 18-year-old's barrage of tricks included a frontside 180 on the 8-foot manny pad, kickflip crook to regular on the bank to wall, feeble 270 out on the flat bar, and nollie crooked the short tall rail over the Carlsbad Jr. gap. Austin took home the top spot, edging out Anthony Estrada and Travis Harrison.

"I've entered one of these before, and I'm really psyched to win today," Zito said after the contest, adding that he's excited to compete in the finals later this summer.

Austin Zito

Runner-up Anthony Estrada put a hurtin' on the course, stomping the living daylights out of his tricks like a bouse.  Estrada put down a halfcab heel nose slide on the flat bar, frontside flip over the Carlsbad Jr. gap, front feeble down the hand rail, and nollie backside heel down the hip, among other stellar tricks. Young blood Travis Harrison had effortless style and consistency on his side in the finals. The 14-year-old impressed judges with a double backside flip down the hip, frontside flip down the stairs, and kickflip frontside boardslide on the flat bar, landing him on the podium.

All three podium finishers are now qualified for the Free Flow Tour Finals in October, which means Anthony Estrada has qualified for his fourth finals appearance in the last 5 years.

Also worth noting: Anthony's little brother Gilbert, 12, cracked the top 5 in this contest.

Anthony Estrada

Junior Jam

The 13 and under group showcased some awesome talent as well.  Zach "Troll" Taverrite, 12, claimed the win with a backside bigspin down the Carlsbad Jr. gap, backlip down the handrail, hardflip on the eight set, and backside flip over the hip. Zach has been a regular so far this season, placing 3rd in the Junior Jam contest at Woodward West two weeks prior.

Left to right: Nicholas Livigni, Zach Taveritte, Brandon Bishop



Skate Street

Junior Jam


Austin Zito

Zach Taverrite


Anthony Estrada

Brandon Bishop


Travis Harrison

Nicholas Livigni


Victor Aceves



Gilbert Estrada



Travis, Austin and Anthony are all qualified for Finals