By Jamie Bestwick –
There will be 3 representatives from Australia in the BMX Vert Finals
this Sunday. Crikey mate!

Blimey! these days 900’s are reserved for the finals, austrailian Tim
Wood doesn’t know about this and fired one out in prelims! much too
everyone’s delight, backing him up was number one qualifier Vince Byron
putting together some of the nights best tricks, joining team captain
Stevie McCann who had a hall pass for the final.

DMC a flair gone wrong sent him straight to flat and straight to the
medical room, but when you ride with a broken hand you can’t expect
everything to go your way. Strewth!

Good on yer! Tabron, Robinson, Walker, Coleman and Coco all it through
all leads to a great final this Sunday.

1st prize for the best looking bike goes also to Tim Wood on a shiny
red machine, Bonza!

And it was great to see Mike Aitken and his family checking out the
vert action, he is looking great and has come along way since his
injury just after his Salt lake city dew tour win last year!

They’ll be throwing some shrimp on the barbie this Sunday for sure!