By: Nick Lipton
If you're familiar with the Dew Tour you know that Friday night is always the most fun. Each Friday night features a different popular musical act, and the concert is always a good time. At the Toyota Challenge Asher Roth, fresh from MTV's Video Music Awards, blew up the quiet Salt Lake scene with his hit single "I Love College" and many more songs from his new album Asher Roth: Asleep in the Bread Aisle.
An hour or so of screaming chicks, stage diving, a happy birthday song, some probably unhappy boyfriends, and wild white boy antics all culminated in a no-regret driven encore that included a topless Roth and a panicked security detail.
When the show ended Asher and his entourage headed to a local SLC nightclub and by 5am were already headed to the airport to get to the next show. Check out more pics from the night HERE.

Asher Roth loves Mountain Dew

Time Traveling?

Utah was not ready for this loose cannon.

Asher does a good job at getting himself out there

So many girls came up stage to dance, text, and scream.

Backup singer, DJ, and Drummer, that's a good entourage.

It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.

The crowd went into a trance for this guy.

This man put on a show all his own.

Happy Crowd

The perks of the music industry.

The dance machine letting loose.

People just wanted to touch him, I thought that was a little weird.