By Tawnya Schultz – Hometown girl, Jamie Anderson, was crowned Women's Slopestyle champion of the Toyota Championship at Northstar-at-Tahoe. After an impressive first run that included a cab 270 switch out on the second rail feature and a huge cab 5 on the third jump, Jamie punched up an untouchable high-score of 87.50. Spencer O'Brien, hailing from Courtenay, Canada, was right on Jamie's heelside, placing second with a close score of 87.17. The judges were no doubt stoked on Spencer's smooth style and aggressive riding throughout all three Winter Dew Tour stops. While Jamie won the Toyota Championship Slopestyle event, Spencer secured the Slopestyle Dew Cup for her cumulative tour points (280 to Jamie's 275). Point-wise, the Canadian knew she had to finish no lower than second place to win the Dew Cup; and that's exactly what she did.

Rounding out the top three for the ladies was Nitro pro Janna Meyen-Weatherby from Bend, Oregon. Janna unleashed a striking run that was full of style and amplitude. Janna spun a cab 7 off the first jump that had the both the crowd and the riders in the starting tent going wild. Judges awarded her an 81.50, yet many thought Janna's run was scored lowly. Janna, however, was unfazed. "Personally I've never had so much fun at an event," Janna said. "I don't really give a crap about how I do in contests. It was funny, though, to see everyone else so riled up."

Newport Beach loc and O-Matic team rider, Chanelle Sladics, who ended up placing fourth at the Toyota Championship and fourth overall in tour standings, was clearly stoked on the day. "I love contests," she exclaimed. "I am having the best time." Known for her halfpipe skills, Torah Bright placed fifth in the Final, and tenth overall. Turner, Oregon's Christina Curry was just happy to be back on the slopes. She placed sixth today and seventh for the Dew Cup.

At the podium ceremony Jamie was excited for her win. "It was beautiful day and I'm really happy my family was here to watch and support me," Jamie said. "All of the girls were killing it today and I feel like I rode pretty well after just coming off this injury. One life!"