By Jamie Bestwick

So who will be this year’s Dew Cup Champions?


Well in park, a supreme dog fight is going on between Dave “The Miracle DAD” Mirra and Garret “Ol’ Crazy Head” Reynolds (True story, that’s Robbie Floyd’s nickname for him)! Both have hit their peak form this year and are super charged for Orlando. While the younger Reynolds will tell you he’s more stoked on his latest video part than the Cup, Mr. Mirra has one trophy missing from his collection and would love to take it back to Greenville with him.

It’s all so easy then! A huge scrap to the finish for Mirra and Reynolds!


Now bring in to the equation the King of Venezuela, Mr. Three Cups, Double D… or to the masses, Daniel Dhers. After a horrible start to the 2009 season, Dhers has a shot, especially after winning in Salt Lake City with Mirra getting fifth and Reynolds taking second. Coming to Orlando, the most consistent rider on the planet will be bringing it all in the hope of retaining the Cup for his fourth straight year. He can do it; they know he can do it; but the question is will they let him do it?

On Sunday, all the cards will fall into place, so make sure you’re either here in Orlando or gripping your arm chair tight, because it’s going to be a wild ride! Don’t miss it!


Well, unless Ryan Nyquist falls asleep during dirt finals, I would put good money on saying that he has it! Unless he has an absolute nightmare of a night and Brandon Dosch takes the win, the Cup, the girl(?), the cash and the title of Dew Tour Champion are all Nyquist’s for the taking!

For the both of them it will be a tough night, but with Nyquist being a previous champion you kinda have him in the driver’s seat. Dosch, though, has produced some spectacular riding all season, so all is not lost for the newcomer. But he’ll need a good deal of help from buddies TJ Ellis, Enarson and the rest of the finalists in order for the night to go his way.

Like Elton John once said “Saturday night is the night for fighting,” and the dirt final will produce so much more than a black eye and a fat lip! Ding ding, bring the seconds out!


I guess the big story is do I buy a car in white or black? Ha ha ha!

No, the real story is McCann vs. Kagy! Clash of the Titans for the second-place spot! Both have big bangers, only 10 points separate them and McCann is looking for his best finish on the Dew Tour!

Nothing can stop them!

Well, not quite. English transplant Simon Tabron will be spinning for England in the hopes of snatching that top three spot, and with an all-star cast looking to unseat the big guns, it’s going to be another great night on the ramp this Friday.

If that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons to check out the Dew Tour’s final event of the 2009 season. Tim Wood throwing 900’s galore on the vert ramp! TJ Ellis going bigger than Godzilla in dirt! And Brett Banana-sandwich (I think that’s right) giving you a good reason to scream your lungs out in park!


Get down here to see the event for yourself or check your local listings to catch it on TV.