Adam Dyet lives in Huntington Beach, but calls Salt Lake City home. He's got a wildcard to compete in this week's Dew Tour in SLC, and he looks forward to the event each year so he can skate in front of friends and family. This year is even more special because his 10-month old daughter will be on the sidelines watching him compete for the first time. Alli caught up with Dyet pre-event to hear how he's handling life as a dad, to find out what inspired him to quit drinking, and to see what's been going on for him with video parts and street skating.

I heard you recently became a dad, how's that whole experience been going for you?
It's going pretty good. I have a baby momma and it's definitely crazier that I thought it would be.  I'm actually heading out to Salt Lake to see my daughter, and I haven't seen her for about two and a half months because of the whole custody bull crap. We still haven't figured that out. But I'm really excited to see her. She's 10 months old now. I actually get her for the Dew Tour, so I'm going to have her for the three days of the event. I'm going to have her overnight, so I'm super excited.

Does it change your approach to skating as a career, or make you more motivated now that you're a dad?
Oh yeah, it mellowed me out so much. It pretty much made me grow up and stop partying so much. I'm actually trying to quit drinking as of my birthday of August 29 when I turned 25. So it's going to be a big test going to Salt Lake, my hometown, and not being able to drink, but I got my daughter so I think I can do it. It's not bad, you know, it's just alcohol. I've done it for many years of my life, so might as well go sober now that I have my daughter.

You competed in X Games street, this summer, what did you think of the course and the event?
The course was really good, but I just had a hurt back. I hurt my back a week prior to the X Games, so at X Games I was kind of just out of it already. What I did was good enough with my back hurt.

What's else has been going on lately for you with skating?
I went off to Maloof after X Games and I skated really good there. I skated against Chris Cole and Ryan Decenzo, so standing up against those guys in the prelims, their skating is just a totally different level. But I tried to do my best. The best trick, I felt like I put it down. I felt like I got some good tricks, but you can't win them every year.

You have any preference with the type of contests that you skate?
I like Best Tricks. Those are kind of my thing because you can do as you want. Contests are all fun, but I don't take them too serious. I used to take them serious, but nowadays, I want to win money, of course, for my daughter to fuel her bank account. But it's pretty much that I'm doing it all for my daughter and just doing it to have fun and see all my friends. But I'm trying to focus on street skating.


You're about to skate Dew Tour in Salt Lake, and you have a pretty big fan base at that event every year. Are you looking forward to it?
Oh yeah, definitely. I'm super excited. This is the one contest that every year my whole family gets to go and watch me. So my whole family will be there and this will be the first time my daughter can watch me skating. She's only 10 months old so it's very exciting to be able to bring my whole family there. They watch me do what I do for a living, and they kind of are curious. Every year I bring them there and they're super excited. It's definitely one of the better ones because it is in my hometown, and it's the only contest I skate every year in my hometown. Hell yeah Dew Tour!

Any features on the Dew Tour course that work best for you?
I like the bump to rail always, and the bump to picnic table is good. They always have a pretty good course.

You ride for Darkstar, same as Lutzka, Decenzo and PLG. You guys have a pretty strong Dew Tour presence.
We definitely hold it down. Those guys hold it down a lot more than I do right now on the contest scene just because I'm trying to focus on this video part. Hopefully I'll come to Salt Lake and do pretty good. Ryan Decenzo kills it. Lutzka kills it. We have a really good Darkstar team. We're trying to get some ams on the squad, so hopefully we get some ams and we just progress and the team just gets bigger. So for all the kids out there, hopefully you like the Darkstar team and what we're doing.

Have you also been filming at all?
I'm filming a Bones video part right now and then a Darkstar promo we've been talking about for a long time. It's going to be coming out. The Bones video is the next video I'm working on so I'm just trying to focus on street skating. After I do the Dew Tour I've got a couple guys staying in Salt Lake to go street skating so hopefully we get some stuff done there and get a video part out. That's what my main concern is.

Watch out for the new Bones video. Me and Ryan Decenzo are going to share a part. All the ams are going to have really good parts and Bones wheels is one of the best wheel companies out there, so watch out for it. It's probably should drop at the start of the year, maybe a couple months after that. So watch out for it.

What's the local skate scene like in Salt Lake?
It's huge. That's where I started skating, and my friend Mark White just came up to me at the skate park and just asked if I wanted to film a trick, and then I filmed for his video. Now, Dew Tour in Salt Lake gets one of the biggest Dew Tour crowds. With action sports in Salt Lake it's just ridiculous. It's growing every year. There's more kids and more kids. It's a Mormon state so every family has five kids. That's four more than they have in California, you know what I mean. So it's just more skateboards and more stuff to be bought.


Any favorite spots you would recommend?
There's a really good bowl for all you bowl skaters out in South Jordan. It's off 106 South in South Jordan. Rose Park is a really good skate park. There's street skating all around and there's hills everywhere so just skate around and tear up the streets.

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals will be part of the Salt Lake stop of the Dew Tour, have you been following what going on in that scene at all?
Yeah, there's this kid Tyson Bowerbank that kills all the contests. He's a really young kid and his parents support him really well. What's amazing is they fly him to every contest and he wins all the ones in Minneapolis, the Damn Ams, and all that stuff. So Tyson Bowerbank, watch out for that kid.