By day two the intensity level at the Wendy's Invitational had easily doubled, and the after dark activities were no exception. Nike 6.0 threw the official after party at the Grand Central, a huge venue complete with bowling, pool, free food and drinks. The Vert skaters, Dirt riders, and any athlete not qualified for a final, met up with friends, media folk, and industry people to celebrate another day of living the dream. By 11 o'clock the place was packed with athletes, ladies, and party people leading to an increase in fun, but a decrease in such things as available ice and glassware at the bar.

PLG, Danny Mayer, Adam Dyet and Rob Lorifice take a breather after a long day of skating.

Bucky Lasek, Anthony Furlong, and Adam Taylor pose with some ladies before heading upstairs.

Vert Champ PLG and Danny Mayer arrive to celebrate a fine day’s work.

Choppy Omega cutting loose with his homies.

Tyler Hendley enjoys a fine time with a lady friend.

Anthony Furlong isn't a fan of security.

Enjoying the party is easy when Nike 6.0 picks up the tab.

Bowling is the secret to a solid skate career.

Party time with TJ is a good time with TJ.

Alistair Whitton is a big man with a big appetite, he never chews.

A blurry Darrell Mathes calls Portland home when not snowboarding.

Party time with Little Jeff.

Local snowboard pro Nick Dirks falls over while Darrell Mathes laughs.

Have you ever googled Matt Puorro?

Jake Duncombe makes the ladies swoon with his long golden locks.

Mad Mike Spinner enjoying his sponsor’s hospitality.

This baby is powered by Mountain Dew.

-words and photos by Nick Lipton