In this industry, we often see things that never go as planned, but that exact spontaneity often brings priceless memories and ridiculously fun times. Alli After Dark kicked the night off right with a major celebration and the Dew Cup Champion awards show at Mount Snow's Snowbarn Nightclub, Sublime cover band 40 Ounces to Freedom rocked the house with a great show. All the skiers and riders were there, and the full house really got into the groove of the night. But perhaps, they may have began to groove a little too hard. As is typical in après ski fashion, the rowdiness picked up, hard. The music was bumping, fists were pumping…and hitting faces. Beer fights broke out flying from the dance floor to the balcony, things were spilled, and everyone was feeling the overdose of craziness in the atmosphere. Many of the skiers and riders were still in their gear (having come directly from pipe finals) and decided to go home and get into something more comfortable, which resulted in transplanting the party to a new location, perhaps a bit less intense of the amped up celebration at the Snowbarn.
At the Matterhorn Inn, the excessive rowdiness had been reduced, but the party really was just getting started. It seems the whole industry came out for the event, including the likes of Tom Wallisch, Simon Dumont, Jossi and Byron Wells, Sage Kotsenburg, Colby West, Jamie Anderson, Mike Riddle, Chanelle Sladics, and Šárka Pančochová, just to name a few. The bar was quickly filled to max capacity, and everyone really just reminded us how to have a good time. The laughs, secret handshakes and talk of who's going to win the Superbowl were in no short supply, and into the late hours of the night, the party lived on.

PHOTO GALLERY: Alli After Dark – Mount Snow – Saturday Night

16 year old Sage Kotsenburg took not only the Slopestyle Dew Tour Cup, but also Rookie Athlete of the year. His dad Steve couldn't be more proud!Mike Riddle demonstrates why you shouldn't leave your sweatshirt near a table…people will always spill beer.Byron Wells teaches his secret handshakeColby West really wanted Byron Wells maple syrup candyIt's always a party at the Matterhorn; Tom Wallisch, Ceil Hunter, Giom Morisset and Šárka Pančochová show us how its doneErik Hughes, Colby West, Joss Christensen and Jossi Wells came chilling at the MatterhornJustin Dorey, Colby West and Byron Wells keep it lively by the bar