Dew Tour is back and so are the Alli After Dark parties. Last night the Winter Dew Tour kicked off the nightlife activities at Breckenridge's Gold Pan bar. Freeskier and Coors Light hosted an award ceremony for the worlds top fresstyle skiers while drinks and locals surrounded the little ceremony. Tanner Hall, Simon Dumon, and Tom Wallisch alongside the breathtaking Roz Groenewoud and Jen Hudak were all awarded the honor of having been the best in some discipline within Freestyle Skiing. The party was packed with cute ladies and boys dressed like Skittles, and after some dancing, noise, and liquid consumption the Gold Pan had become jam packed and the party moved on. Cecilia's, the bar this group seems to end up at every night, was the next stop. A non-official party was raging by the arrival of the Gold Pan group, and the night spun out of control as drinks flowed and good times rolled. The first night is generally the slowest, which is worrisome, because our first night in Breckenridge was not a mellow one.

The beautiful Roz Groenewoud displaying her award for being the best female freeskier of the year.

Hi, I'm Simon Dumont and I'm the Overall World Champion in freeski. What do you do?

With broken legs tanner hobbled to the stage only to drop and break his World Champion Halfpipe Rider award.

Smile and say cheese ya' big winner!

Tom Wallisch took home the 2009 Freeskier Slopestyle World Champion award.

Drew Fuller was spotted entering the bar.

Megan Ginter really wants a WildCard at the next Dew Stop. How can you say no to those eyes?

Erin Comstock with a friend as Dustin Craven comes out of no where to score the BGP.

Kyle and Joe Carter looking glamorous for the camera.

Mason Aguirre is over tattoos and onto extreme body modification. Here we see his new fingers.

Filmer/Action Man Gary Tyler McCloud was in attendance.

Danny Davis looks concerned, no?

If only I could explain this situation.

The lovely Megan Whiteside with friend "Awesome Possum."

Ride Pro's Megan Ginter and Jusso Lavisto spotted together in Breck'.

"I just want to dance, dance, dance…" -Asher Roth