The official after party Saturday night was titled just that, Thee After Party. This bash was by far the biggest Alli After-Dark party to date. The club was Antigua, the sponsors were Mountain Dew, Matador, Fuel TV, and Alli After-Dark, so you know it was packed. This party had a few special elements, first off it was the last big night of the summer Dew Tour, and everyone came out to celebrate one last night, besides that the party was technically a fundraiser for the Athlete Recovery Fund. The fund is an organization that raises money to help cover the expenses riders pick up when disaster strikes. Some of these guys aren't making the big bucks yet, and when a leg breaks or a knee needs surgery ARF steps in to help these guys out. It's a great cause to support at these action sports events. Check it out for yourself, and donate today at But back to the party.

It's not unreasonable to say over 1000 people showed up for this one. For hours on end it was shoulder to shoulder, which is surprising considering a good chunk of the place was VIP. Go-go dancers, bands, and a DJ kept the place alive until the Chris Gentry show took over. Chris got on stage and lit the place up while plugging sponsors into each of his rhymes. Girls got on stage, riders got on stage, it was a good sight. The party went way into the night, and when it was over, the place was still jam packed full of people dancing, drinking, and enjoying life.

Look who came out to support ARF!

Chris Cole and friends

Rockstar Guys

Zach Miller and Alex Perelson – Stars of the Alli Show Skate Episode!

ROb And Elliot – Out and About

BMX Guys supporting ARF

Mr. And Mrs. P-Rod

Allisport’s Favorite Brazilians

Tyler and Lauren are all smiles for ARF

Dirty Loves ARF

Industry Man – Jared Lucas

Ryan Decenzo supports ARF

Skate Vert Guys Love ARF