Three-time Dew Cup winner Daniel Dhers came over to the U.S. from Venezuela in 2006 as a virtual unknown in the BMX world. But the world quickly took notice after he made every Dew Tour final that year. He continued the streak for the next three years, collecting Dew Cups in '06, '07, and '08 and becoming Mr. Consistency along the way.

Last year, Dhers finished the season ranked third overall and Garrett Reynolds used his tech wizardry to win the first Dew Cup of his career. Heading into the final event of the season this month, Dhers, currently ranked first, can claim Cup number four. But the next three guys in line still have a chance to take it away at the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas.

Daniel Dhers, 360 tailwhip, backwards over the box

At the start of the season, Dhers touched on his past success and plans for this season.

"I feel like before, I looked at it like I learned a lot of stuff and was probably ahead of everybody, but then I feel like the sport just kind of caught up and everything got so different now," Dhers said. "So I'm trying to adapt and just try to do what I do best and just see if it works."

The first BMX Park course of the Dew Tour season, in July at the Nike 6.0 BMX Open in Chicago

It's been working, because Dhers just needs fourth or higher in Vegas to collect the Dew Cup. After taking a look at the course for Vegas, he's confident heading into the BMX park finals on Saturday, Oct. 16.

The final course of the season, at the upcoming Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas

"I feel good," Dhers said. "I feel like the next course is way more what I ride. It's more jumping and I have a ton of 7's to bring. So I feel way more confident for Vegas."

Daniel Dhers, 720 table

As for his competition, he's secure with his lead. There's also an added bonus for the first time at the Dew Tour finale, the points are fifty percent more than their normal-season value so the winner gets 150 points for win, up from 100, and so on down the line.

"I feel like points-wise, I don't know where Garrett sits now, he's probably in third," Dhers said. "Spinner is probably down in the gutter."

Spinner and Dhers talking

Dhers sits in first with 272 points, and Reynolds is second with 232. Reynolds would collect his second Dew Cup if he wins in Vegas and Dhers finishes fifth or lower. But Reynolds doubted his chances.

Garrett Reynolds, turndown

"I got my money on Dhers too," Reynolds said. "Dhers is really, really good. He lands everything."

In third place, but still with a chance at the Cup is British rider Mark Webb, who's been having a killer season. If Webb wins in Vegas, and Dhers finishes an unlikely ninth or lower and Reynolds finishes third or lower, then Webb wins the Dew Cup.

Mark Webb introduction shot

Expect innovative tricks from Webb, and if there's a box jump, he could pull out his signature decade air to 360 that he tried this season in Portland and pulled off last year in Salt Lake.

"The new way I do it, the way it comes in nose dive, I needed to learn it that way to bring it to these contests at the Dew Tour because the ramps are a lot steeper," Webb said.

Mark Webb, no-handed flair

"The trick for me came about roughly three years ago now," Webb continued. "I was messing around doing decades, and then I started doing it to tire tap. Then I did it to 540 tire tap and everybody said to me, 'You did the decade and then spun free.' And they were like, 'Imagine that over a box?' And I was like, 'Yeah, I do think about that.' Then it was just sort of a joke. We was at a foam pit one day and my friend Ben Hannon said, 'Webby, impress me.' I was like, 'I got some idea of this trick I want to do.' So I just did one in the foam and it worked perfect."

Mark Webb, flair

Mike Spinner is another rider who brings new tricks to the competition. He pulled the first 1080, 1080 turndown and the first quad whip during Dew Tour competitions. He's on the rebound after an injury last season, and he had to roll in for points only last competition because of knee problems. But Spinner is still ranked fourth overall and has an outside chance at winning the Dew Cup in Vegas, and he’s still gunning for it.

Mike Spinner, double tailwhip

"I've got some new tricks to go to Vegas with, guaranteed," Spinner said. "So for sure I'm going to go for it all."

If Spinner wins in Vegas, and the rest of the group falters with Dhers in ninth or lower, Reynolds third or lower, and Webb second or lower, Spinner wins the Dew Cup. He's looking towards the extra points for a win as a way to boost his chances.

Mike Spinner, triple tailwhip

"Almost top-five still has a chance to win the Cup and anything can happen, so that's cool how the points are going to be in Vegas," Spinner said.

"Because there's only four stops, not five, it's definitely an 'anything can happen' season. With five, Daniel almost has it guaranteed. But with four stops (one less) and then the points system at the end, it actually changes it up a lot. So I won, Daniel won and Dennis won so far this season."

Garrett Reynolds, flair 

"Daniel has been doing consistent, but at the end, if one of us gets first and then Daniel messes up, it's on."

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Dew Tour tickets are available for Saturday's competition, which includes the BMX park finals, the BMX dirt finals, an FMX best whip competition and access to the Festival Village at The Plaza ($15, GA seating). Family 4-packs are also available for Saturday ONLY ($50) at the Dew Tour Championships.

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