It's official, Alex Sorgente is on the first-ever USA Skateboarding National Team and on track to represent his country in the Olympic Games when skateboarding debuts at Tokyo 2020. But what did he think about skateboarding in the Olympics last year, before making the team?

"I honestly think it is sick!" said Sorgente when asked how he felt about skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport. "I don't really hate on it. I just see everything else that is in [the Olympics] and wonder, 'Why couldn't skateboarding be in the Olympics?'"

Alex Sorgente has the basic essentials covered. Like this backside feeble through the corner. Photo: Ferra (Click to enlarge)

Last winter while sitting on the sideline bleachers during Woodward West's Mano A Mano mini-ramp S.K.A.T.E. event, Sorgente took ten minutes to spill the goods. So, between rounds against Roman Pabich and Jake Wooten, he spit out answers to some random questions then emptied out his pockets for a quick lint check.

Despite donning a camouflage winter jacket with a superabundant amount of pockets, Sorgente only found four essential items. Two sets of keys, an iPhone and a wallet that he actually grabbed out of his car.

Inside the black wallet was a loaded zippered coin pouch and Florida driver's license visible at first glance. However, after closer inspection Sorgente showed signs recent travel with his American Airlines AAdvantage card and some foreign currency hanging out.

"I honestly think it is sick." — Alex Sorgente

For now, though, he was spending a few days in Tehachapi, California and it was snowing outside. Which is why he had two sets of keys on him, and one was not actually his.

"This is my key to The Lodge, because we are staying up here at Wooward West," said Sorgente. "Thank you Woodward for hooking it up every time we come up here!"

The other set was his typical, day-to-day key ring, beginning with a BMW key fob. The next most notable items on the keychain wash a green carabiner that doubles as a bottle opener, an aging piece of a RedBull lanyard in addition to four keys. The first three keys were to his apartment in L.A. The first key for the front door, backdoor and his bedroom door. The fourth key was to his family's house in Florida.

Pocket check: phone, keys, wallet. Sorgente carries the bare essentials. Photo: Wilder (Click to enlarge)

Last but not least (expensive, anyway), Sorgente showed off his fresh cellular device.

"It's an iPhone X," Sorgente started to explain. "I just bought it a couple days ago, it was like $1,300 bucks… haha. Isn't that crazy?! I can't believe phones are that expensive. I'm hyped on it, though. It's a good phone, and I got a discount on the OtterBox case. So, there you go."

With the basics covered, we continued on to talk music. After all, if he is going to be skating on the world's stage he will probably pick something to rip to that is equally 'sick.'

Catch Sorgente blasting some throwback tunes or over coping at Dew Tour Long Beach coming June 13-16th! Photo: MRZ (Click to enlarge)

"Dude, I listen to everything," Sogente stated to start. "I've got some throwbacks from Three 6 Mafia right now. I go from there to the Buzzcocks, and from there to Migos. You know, it's all over the place. I've got some stuff on my Spotify, it's been crackin'.

As he continued to run through his of musical artists he had on his current playlist, it became clear there would be no guessing what Sorgente will be shredding to at any event.