Alex Sorgente, Pat Ngoho Win Hurley ABC

Down under this past weekend the Hurley ABC (Australian Bowl-Riding Championship) commenced as part of the World Cup Skateboarding (WCSk8) series bringing in big names from around the globe as well as enlisting the local rippers for their chance to get into the WCSk8 circuit. Following impressive under 18 and ladies Am competitions, the men’s Pro/Am and the masters competitions cruised into the bowl and created a roar of excitement as the heats unfolded. In the end it was the American teenager, Alex Sorgente, and American old-school legend, Pat Ngoho, that came in and stole the show and the first place wins. For more info and results, check out the recap article posted on the WCSk8 website and be sure watch the highlight video below!


Men’s Top 3

1. Alex Sorgente

2. Josh Stafford

3. Jack Fardell


Master’s Top 3

1. Pat Ngoho

2. Adam Luxford

3. Lester Kasai

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