Alex Hall and Taylor Lundquist were among the biggest winners of the night at the first annual Newschoolers Awards, presented on Friday night at Copper Mountain. The ceremony celebrated the rising generation of grassroots-level up-and-comers, bookended with a Newschoolers Hall of Fame Award for Tom Wallisch, making for a passing of the torch vibe.

Alex Hall
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Male Skier of the Year: Alex Hall
A-Hall, winner of the Men’s Skier of the Year Presented by Toyota, did it all in 2019: adding new tricks like the double cork 1620 and switch left double cork 1800 to his repertoire, winning slopestyle gold at X Games Aspen and big air gold at X Games Norway, taking two big air wins and one slopestyle win on the FIS World Cup circuit, and dropping heavy edits like Make Time (filmed at Copper Mountain) and Spare Time. Most importantly, for the purposes of the Newschoolers Awards, A-Hall was also a co-star of Magma. The bare bones video, filmed by Owen Dahlberg on the Mt. Hood volcano in Oregon, won Best Short and Highest-Rated Video, and also propelled co-star Hunter Hess to a Trick of the Year win for his triple flair on a giant natural quarterpipe snow formation.
Alex Hall
Photo Credit: Durso
Alex Hall, Hunter Hess, and Birk Irving.

“This is dope,” A-Hall said, accepting the Skier of the Year nod. “I don’t even know what to say, just thanks to everyone along the way who was having fun last year. I’m trying to have just as much fun this year and keep skiing.”

Hunter Hess
Photo Credit: Durso
Hunter Hess, Owen Dahlberg, and Alex Hall.

Lundquist, winner of the Women’s Skier of the Year Presented by Toyota, made a huge impression in 2019 in Jyosei, a month-long street and powder filming mission in Japan with an all-female crew of riders, shot and directed by Laura Obermeyer. Genuinely surprised and somewhat at a loss for words upon receiving the award, in a year full of progressive evolution in women’s skiing, Lundquist’s acceptance speech was short and delightfully full of f-bombs.

Female Skier of the Year: Taylor Lundquist

“This is f***ing insane, I could cry right now,” she said, accepting the award. “I’m so excited for the future… what the f***?”

Pick your poison.

Jake Mageau won Men’s Breakthrough of the Year and the Style For Miles award, partly in recognition of his fan favorite entry for the 2019 X Games Real Snow video contest – with its physics-bending nollie backflip – and his part in ON3P 5, the most recent ON3P Skis team video.

Style for Miles winner: Jake Mageau

Caroline Claire, previously best known as a contest skier with several FIS World Cup slopestyle wins under her belt, won Female Breakthrough of the Year as a rising star of the Faction Skis team videos.

Female Breakthrough of the Year: Caroline Claire

“I just want to say thanks, Newschoolers. I didn’t know this was an awards show, I thought my name would just be posted on the Internet,” she said. “I want to thank my mom and dad, obviously, and some of my best friends are here tonight.”

Ladies’ Choice – Best Female Edit: The Collective x Women’s Edit

Claire was a star of the women’s team section in the Faction Skis team video The Collective, which won the Ladies’ Choice film category. She also gave the acceptance speech for that award, ending with, “It’s fun to ski with your best friends and be able to produce content like this.”

Comp Jock winner: Ferdinand Dahl

The Nimbus film Drawn From Here won Outstanding Video Project (Newschoolers’ way of saying Movie of the Year). The 20-minute film documents Eric Pollard’s challenging and painful return to skiing after a severe tibial spiral fracture in his leg in 2013 that required eight surgeries.

Newschoolers Awards
Packed house at the NewSchoolers Awards.

True to the Newschoolers website’s roots as an online skiing community, awards were also presented in a number of insidery categories like the Blue Baller Award (Newschoolers members’ names appear in blue text on the site), which went to Finns T-Dog and Aapo Myllärinen for their Backyard Park edit. Newschoolers member Tall T Dan won the Valedictorian award, and Andy Parry, founder of the Tell A Friend Tour, won the Outstanding Contribution Award. Memecork won They See Me Trollin’ honors, because such dubious distinctions are also core to the Newschoolers ethos.

Newschoolers Hall of Fame/Legacy Award: Tom Wallisch

The final award of the evening went to Tom Wallisch, whose status as an active Newschoolers member predates a storied pro skiing career that now includes a string of memorable video parts, multiple Dew Tour slopestyle wins. and an X Games slopestyle gold. Spending his formative years on the Newschoolers forums also arguably launched Wallisch’s second-act career as a TV analyst for major freeskiing events including the X Games.

Tom Wallisch
Tom Wallisch

“If anything this just means that I’m old,” Wallisch joked, accepting the Hall of Fame Award, before recalling “Writing ‘sick vid 10’ on every video we saw when were kids.”

“Literally becoming a pro skier was always the dream, and Newschoolers and commenting and being a part of that forum has always been the biggest thing in skiing, so it’s so sweet to have this awards ceremony here,” Wallisch said, before shifting focus back to the night’s other honorees. “Thank you all, and congratulations to all the winners: the sport of skiing is in good hands.”

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