Alec Majerus won the AmsterDamn Am over the weekend after kickflipping onto everything and riding flawlessly and consistently. It was a hard final to judge with the insane level of riding from all the ams, but in the end Louie Lopez finished second and Brazilian Tiago Lemos Soares was third.

Amsterdamn AmL-R, Tiago Lemos Soares, 3rd; Alec Majerus, 1st; Louie Lopez, 2nd

Majerus was a top qualifier at the event, and he also finished eighth overall at the 2009 Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals.


1. Alec Majerus, USA
2. Louie Lopez, USA
3. Tiago Lemos Soares, BRA
4. Tim Zom, NL
5. John Koetzier, NL
6. Spencer Lau, USA
7. Douwe Macare, NL
8. Axel Cruysberghs, BE
9. Julien Merour, FRA
10. Billy Hoogendijk, NL
11. Hermann Stene, NOR
12. Woody Hoogendijk, NL

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