By: Nick Lipton – A man walks outside while another stands on the curb. The second man is now lying on the ground having been punched in the face. This situation is hectic, the senior citizen on the ground has his eye socket broken and the evildoer is making an escape. Three hulk-sized men, reeking of hair gel and cheap body spray, rip their shirts off. They seek some justice. The meat-wad trio is cut off as a near by cop is already on the scene. The sneaky puncher is headed to jail. The old man is headed to the hospital. The scene relaxes as I enter the second night of Alli After Dark action in Ogden Utah.

The bar was jammed packed. Brewskis, our bar for the night, was at capacity and partying hard. In the first room a sea of humans drank, danced and tried to converse. Room number one was not suitable for conversation. I headed to room number two. The second room sits between room one and three. Room two is a buffer zone and dance floor between the two bars. Room number two was exciting. Girls were dancing and music was blazing, thanks to DJ Knucklz laying it down. The SLC loc' DJ came out to help make this the party in Ogden, and hours of new tunes did just that.

Eventually I headed to the third room, another crowded bar. This room, further from the door, was more social. You could hear yourself in this room. You could sit with the boys of Dashboard Confessional or your choice of attending Dew Tour athletes.

Constant streams of drink specials and rowdy people kept the night alive. Music blazed, people danced, shots were taken, pool was played and everyone was enjoying themselves until the inevitable last call. Unwilling to stop a good time the party went many ways, but for us, it simply carries over to night three.

Tonight, after the Snowboard Superpipe Final, we head to the Salomon Center for some old school fun with an Alli twist.

PHOTO GALLERY: After Dark Enjoys Brewskis

After Dark Dew TourMr. Goodrides was feeling froggy while enjoying the Alli nightlife.Cole Barash (left) will be very famous some day. I dare you to Google him.DJ Creepy Kyle giving Knucklz a breather.The Creep loves Ogden, parties and Dew Tour. Dirty has not worn a shirt in days.