Adam Taylor took part in the unveiling of the new SONY POV (Point of View) Action Camera at the SONY Big Air ASA Triples event at Venice Beach, California yesterday and skated away with the best footage and $5,000. The day’s events also included a jam on the ASA Triples 120ft long ramp setup where the crowd became the judges and had to give a yell for who they thought skated the best throughout the entire jam. Young gun Trey Wood came out the winner after he threw a finger-flip sac-tap over one of the gaps after just learning it earlier that day. Check out all the photos below showcasing some of the best tricks pulled by the skaters!

 Adam Taylor

 Trey Wood

 Andy MacDonald

 Jagger Eaton and Tom Schaar

 Tom Schaar


ASA Entertainment will produce a one-hour television show about the Sony Big Air Triples that will premiere on Fox Sports Net on Friday, Nov. 23 at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. The participating pros will serve as narrators of the docu-drama style show, telling the behind the scenes stories of the event in their own words, and providing viewers unique insight into their personalities and access to their tricks through the Sony Action Cam.