By: Nick Lipton

Adam Dyet is a proven SLC punk. The man-child holds GREEN ROOM pride, a tongue ring, and a set of values that don’t exactly mesh with The Beehive State. After a youth spent in Salt Lake City, Dyet's wild approach to life had been carved in stone. A conservative town created a rebel yell that oozes out of his long hair and wide open eyes, and the SLC landscape gave Dyet his breakneck approach to skateboarding. Combine his passion for life, 24-hour attitude, and ability to flip, slide, and slam down the biggest sets and you'll figure out why he's been all over the world padding his resume with Best Trick wins and good times.

At 12 years-old Dyet and his best friend Kody Iverson started skating in Clearfield, Utah. Fast forward a few years and Dyet was pushing his limits in Salt Lake's streets and parks. Now 24 years-old, or 34 if you check the unofficial, he's living where all pro skateboarders live, SoCal, with the Decenzo brothers. In Dyet's words, "I wake up, skate, skate, skate, and then go out. Same thing everyday."

That lifestyle has worked out too. Dyet came off as insane in Darkstar's Imagine and he took control this summer winning or placing in all the major Best Trick contests. At Dew Tour Portland it was a kickflip 5-0 and a mean frontblunt that scored him some loot. At X-games, where he took third in Street, it was a combination of talent and attitude, landing hammers while joking and showing off bloodied hands to the cameras. His ability to eat concrete, get up, and throw the horns are a big part of who Dyet is. Contest or video part, it doesn't matter because you'll see Dyet slam, and slam hard. But he'll get up, and ride better than ever.

Pain, anguish, and carnage can't stop a force like Dyet. His run-and-gun style, hammer filled video parts (not to mention intro's), and lifestyle are just who he is. It may seem weird to some that he’s now taking that style to contests, but for Dyet it’s just another place to skate and hang with some friends. "[Dew Tour] asked me to come to last years one in SLC 'cuz I was from here.” He said yes, “'cuz they're a fun way to see all the homies," and has stayed a part of the Tour since. When asked what he likes about it, he responded "the whole thing. People, skating, the new way they're using the street spots for the best tricks." But, he admits that he isn't so into, "some of the weird stuff in the parks."

Parks aren't the streets, and street skating is Dyet's bread n' butter. Even with Dyet in SLC for the Toyota Challenge, filming that next great part is always in the back of his head, and apparently the footage has been stacking, "Just wait and see. GREEN ROOM." After two years without a full part I'm guessing blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into some scary skating.

If the beast that is Adam Dyet can't be stopped by a 13-stair face-plant, or 24 years of hard living then who knows what will be able to. A bright future is all Dyet sees, so under his long hair and favorite green beanie a pair of sunglasses permanently rest. Somewhere in SLC, no doubt clad in that green beanie, Dyet is pushing around on his skateboard gearing up for another chance to hold up the big check and party with "the homies."

Adam Dyet with a Kick Flip 5-0 from Best Trick Comp at the Dew Tour Portland