By: Paul Zitzer – The skatepark finals turned out to be one of the best displays of raw shredding in the history of skateboarding, thanks to one of the best line-ups of finalists ever. Chris Cole surprised no one but himself by completely mutilating the course and making pretty much ever thing he tried under the Orlando sun. His consistency, mixed with an unmatched variety of tricks had the other wall jammers playing catch up, and although P-Rod and Lutzka gave him a serious run for his money, in the end they both fell just a little bit short. Highlights include P-Rod's intro run, which was perfect, and ridiculous, and the final jam where he threw down such a barrage of switch tech moves that the judges were left scratching their heads as to who should be given the Playstation Pro win. Lutzka also seemed to have his jam of the year and pushed his signature frontside threes and frontside flips to the limit, landing way more tricks than would seem possible in10 minutes. Chaz came through with most of what we've come to expect from him as well, but in the end was overshadowed by the command performances put in by the podium finishers. Honorable mentions go to Milton Martinez who murdered the course with tricks like a Nollie backside bigspin heel down the big stack, and Danillo Do Rosario who flipped out in the best way and finished the day in a highly respectably fourth place.

Chris Cole backside 360 lipslide


chris cole frontside lipslide


P-rod Nollie Frontslide Boardslide


Greg Lutzka Switch NoseBluntslide


Danilo Do Dosario Frontside Lipslide


Chaz Ortiz Nollie Bigspin Lipslide


Milton Martinez Crooked Grind


Rodolfo Ramos kickflip frontside slide


Ryan Decenzo switch 180 feeble


Austen Seaholm Frontside kickflip revert


Jordan Hoffart frontside kickflip late shove it