As one of the most decorated athletes in snowboarding, Olympic Gold Medalist, Jamie Anderson has competed in almost every Dew Tour since the event started in 2008. Now, at the age of 26, Jamie has literally has grown up with the contest and looks forward to the event each year as the first major slopestyle contest to kick off her season.

Jamie has consistently topped Dew Tour podiums with her fierce, undeniable style and explosive tricks landed with supreme confidence. Last year, Jamie had her sights set-on securing a four-peat in slopestyle, but sustained a collarbone injury in practice that sidelined her from the event. Despite being unable to complete, Jamie now uses the experience as fuel for this year's contest. She's fired up and ready to get back on top and in first place.

I caught up with Jamie while she was in Tahoe and chatted about all things Dew Tour and beyond.–Heather Hendricks


Let's talk about Dew Tour! Of all the Dew Tours you've competed in, which is your most memorable?
One of my all time favorite stops was back in Mount Snow Vermont. I'm not sure what year that was, but I remember cruising with Marie France-[Roy], Kjersti [Buaas] and Chanelle [Sladics]—we were having way too much fun! We were lapping the resort, planking people, living light-hearted and kicking ass! Damn, it really was a great time. I just remember loving those little moments with crew. Also, we had a really good time staying at the Matterhorn Inn. That was really fun.

Do you remember what tricks you landed at that Dew Tour to earn the win?
More than the tricks I stomped, I remember Mount Snow for those bitter cold days! In fact, I’ve never been as cold as I was that year, but it was still awesome. I remember I landed a front seven which I had a 50/50 chance of landing back then, but I was able to land it and took home the win. My grandparents, aunts, uncles and family were all there supporting me and it was such a good experience.

That sounds like any awesome time. Since you've competed in so many Dew Tours, what are your top three highlights from over the years?
First would be that I really liked going to Snow Basin, Utah, because we were riding pow, exploring a new mountain, cruising a sick park, and I remember just feeling so lucky! Another fun moment was two years ago when I won in Breckenridge and Tyler [Nicholson, Jaime's boyfriend] placed third. It was one of his first big podiums and super fun to celebrate together. Then the other memory that really stands out and I still can’t believe, is one year in Breckenridge, I injured myself in practice and wasn’t sure if I was able to compete. I took the next three to four days off to just chill and found out I had torn the attachment that holds your peck muscle to your sternum. It was super painful. But, somehow, I was able to persevere through the pain and visualized exactly what I wanted to do. Despite missing practice all week, I rode better then ever and it felt so good! Really happy about that win.

You have had so many moments with Dew, now it's almost time make new memories. This year, the Dew Tour will have a revamped slopestyle course. What do you think of the new course design?
Honestly, I think it’s decent. I personally like to find flow through a slopestyle course and now with it having two different sections is pretty random. I am down to switch it up, and try something new, but I prefer a slope contest to have everything connected so you can flow.


Mobbing her way down the Slopestyle course at Dew Tour Breckenridge 2014. Jamie did not compete at last year’s competition due to a dislocated shoulder. Photo: Crosland (click to enlarge)

Do you have any pre-contest rituals? Want to give a glimpse into what they are?
I do, but I can’t really tell anyone. It’s a secret! Sorry guys!

Since the Dew Tour has been in Breckenridge for so many years, what traditions, or specific places you go in Breckenridge?
Oh, man, I love Breckenridge! I've actually invested in property there after all the years of competing in the area. It seemed like a great idea after spending so much money on renting condos and I really love Colorado and the people in the area. As far as restaurants, I love Amazing Grace Cafe. They have lots of organic, fresh foods. I also love walking around in Breck. It’s such a cool small town. I always visit my friends at the yoga studios and crystal shops, and the health food store in Frisco—it's just such a cool place to be.

What are you most looking forward to with this year's Dew Tour?
Just talking about Colorado makes me excited to be there! They always have a creative, fun setup for the Dew Tour and I really can't wait to just strap on my snowboard.

What are some of your plans for this winter season?
Ride more pow!

How do you stay so positive throughout the season?
Honestly, I’m super stoked we have so many fun events to do. The Dew Tour is rad. I think they do a lot of good for our sport and I'm very thankful for the event, and can't wait to just snowboard all season.

Watch Jamie Anderson in both the Dew Tour Pro Competition two-part Slopestyle December 8–11 in Breckenridge, Colorado.