By: Jamie Bestwick – All time favourite quote?

Dingo – “Sack hack at it chop it”
Enarson – “Spin to win”
Bezanson – “Nut up or shut up”
Big daddy – “Ain’t over till fat lady sings”
Webb – “I dunno”
Young – “If you look good you feel good, if you feel good you ride good,
if you ride good you live good.”

Which animal would represent your riding style?

Dingo – “Kangaroo”
Enarson – “Monitor lizard”
Bezanson – “Kitten”
Big Daddy – “Monkey”
Webb – “Skunk”
Young – “Glying squirrel”

What did you do last night? (honestly!)

Dingo – “Gentry lobby party”
Enarson – “Ate roses”
Bezanson – “Chill”
Big Daddy – “Hit on every chick in Orlando”
Webb – “Ran it hard in Koji’s room”
Young – “Hit the Dragon Club”