Dew Tour 2019 Long Beach registration is in full swing with unfamiliar athletes from all around the world to well known heavy hitters walking through the doors. Skaters like Andrew Reynolds and his daughter Stella, Danny Leon from Spain, Matt Berger and Ivan Monteiro and more.
Photos by Andrew Durso

Since Dew Tour serves as an Olympic qualifying event, the registration process started a day before on Sunday to kick off the week and accommodate the abundance of skaters. Scroll through the photos below to get a glimpse on who to expect at Dew Tour Long Beach from June 13-16.

Andrew Reynolds handling registration paperwork for his daughter Stella.

Straight off a 13-hour plane ride from Australia Tommy Fynn knocks out signing up for Dew Tour before knocking out himself.

Underage skaters are required to check-in their helmets before they’re allowed on the park and street course.

Danny Leon cruised in with his possie from Spain.

Aaron Meza from Mexico, Manny Santiago, and homie strike a pose while catching up.

Ivan Montiero in the back and Matt Berger making sure they understand the details before signing away.

Jake Ilardi updating his profile with all his sponsors on

Star-studded line up: CJ Collins, Torey Pudwill, and Shane O’Neill signing up for a weekend at Dew Tour. Reminder: Dew Tour is FREE to attend!

Brighton Zeuner and her mom speaking with Francesco D’Urbano from World Skate.

Get Dew Tour ready with the 2019 Long Beach event schedule. Can’t make it to Dew Tour? Don’t miss a single second of the action with the live stream schedule.