2011 Dew Cup Champions

The 2011 season of the Dew Tour came to a close with the final event, the Dew Tour Championships presented by GoDaddy.com at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In the end, the Dew Cups were awarded to the top-ranked athlete and overall points leader in each of the Tour's five disciplines.

An intense skate street final ended with 25-year-old Canadian Ryan Decenzo topping the podium. Edging out his two closest competitors, Paul Rodriguez and Greg Lutzka who finished second and third in the overall points race, Decenzo commanded the street course and solidified his path to become the Dew Cup champion. 16-year-old Alec Majerus put on a very impressive second-place performance to end his season fourth in overall points.

Alec Majerus, Ryan Decenzo and Greg Lutzka

The BMX Park finals saw more jaw-dropping tricks and lead changes than any previous competition of the season. Scotty Cranmer, Dennis Enarson, Kyle Baldock, Brett Banasiewicz and Daniel Dhers all unleashed their strongest runs in hopes of topping the podium. However, it was Scotty Cranmer who was able to narrowly defeat the competition after ending his run with a massive corked 720 step down.

BMX Dirt finals at the Dew Tour Championships was an all-out gauntlet of progressive tricks. Kyle Baldock, Brett Banasiewicz, Ben Wallace and Dennis Enarson pulled out all the stops, throwing down some of the biggest tricks of the season. When the dust settled, it was the breakout Australian, Kyle Baldock who took first place. Ben Wallace and Brett Banasiewicz were close behind, claiming the second and third spots respectively. Despite his fourth place finish, Dennis Enarson ended the season as the overall points leader, making him the Dew Cup champion for BMX Dirt.

Dennis Enarson – 2011 BMX Dirt Dew Cup Champion

Going into the BMX Vert finals, it was clear many riders were prepared to leave everything they had out on the vert ramp. Doing so would be more than necessary if they wanted to keep up with six-time Dew Cup champion, Jamie Bestwick. Vince Byron, the 21-year-old Australian, cemented his position at the top of the podium by landing a 540 Doublewhip at the end of his first superfinal run. After a horrifying crash on his first and second runs of the superfinal, Steve McCann was able to recover admirably, landing a no-handed 900 in his final run and earning a second place finish. However, it was legendary rider, Jamie Bestwick, who came away with the overall victory. Finishing third for the day but first in overall points for the season, Bestwick won his seventh straight Dew Cup.

The final competition of the Dew Tour Championships, Skateboard Vert, was an action packed event as Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Shaun White and Bucky Lasek battled for the lead. Canadian PLG ended his final run, landing a switch heelflip 360, straight into a nollie heelflip into a nollie heelflip 360 to emerge victorious over White and Lasek. With his victory, PLG ended a successful season in the top position and took home his third Dew Cup.

PLG and Shaun White

The Canadian invasion of skateboarding continued as Ryan Decenzo and Pierre Luc-Gagnon tied for Toyota’s Athlete of the Year award, which honors the athlete with the most overall points in a single discipline.

After an incredible season that any veteran rider would be proud of, Kyle Baldock was awarded the Ball Park Rookie of the Year for BMX. Meanwhile, Manny Santiago was awarded the Ball Park Rookie of the Year for skateboarding. In his first year competing on the Dew Tour, Manny brought relentless tricks, consistent performance and a wealth of smiles to each stop of the tour.

Scotty Cranmer was awarded with the PowerBar Performance of the Year for his incredible performance in the BMX Park finals at the Dew Tour Championships. Scotty’s run included a backflip double tailwhip and a step down corked 720.

BMX Vert rider Vince Byron not only left Las Vegas with a first place finish in BMX Vert but also with Paul Mitchell’s Breakthrough Athlete of the Year award. This award is given to the athlete that continually surpassed expectations throughout the 2011 season.

Pantech awarded Bucky Lasek and Dennis Enarson with their Crossover Award, given for their outstanding performance in more than one discipline. Lasek took first place in Skate Vert at the Pantech Open, first in Skate Bowl at the Portland Invitational, and third in Skate Vert at both the Toyota Challenge and the Dew Tour Championships. Dennis Enarson finished second in BMX Park at the Pantech Open, first in BMX Dirt at the Portland Invitational and Toyota Challenge, and second in BMX Park at the Dew Tour Championships.

Dennis Enarson claimed the PlayStation Pro Moment award for his curved wallride to 270 alleyoop tailwhip in the BMX Park competition. Athletes are nominated throughout the 2011 season and the award is given to the nominated athlete who performed the best trick during the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas.j