Malinoski Captures 2007 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships Title

Kenosha, Wis.- The 2007 Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championships featured 70 riders in the Pro Men’s Division, but on the final day of competition, only five riders remained: Shaun Murray, Trevor Hansen, Danny Harf, Rusty Malinoski and Erik Ruck. All five riders had a shot at the top spot, but after an intense final heat, Rusty Malinoski was named the victor.

“I’m stoked to win today, it’s the first time I won this event, so I couldn’t be happier right now,” said Malinoski. “Winning Nationals is a great accomplishment for me.”

Malinoski has been battling all season long for the top spot in the King of Wake standings and with his win at Nationals, Malinoski now leads all riders in the series.

Keith Lidberg (Pro Men’s Division) impressed everyone today with the best rail trick, as the Minnesota native captured the Rip It Rail Trick Award.

All eyes were on Dallas Friday today, as the Orlando, FL native was chasing her sixth consecutive National title, but Amber Wing, a third-year pro rider, upset Friday to claim victory in the Pro Women’s Division.

Pro Wakeskating concluded today with Reed Hanson capturing the top spot in the finals.

Today, Florida riders seemed to dominate the amateur divisions. Jimmy LaRiche (Boca Raton) took the top spot in the Rip It JX Division and Jason Soven (Longwood) claimed victory in the Jr. Boy’s Division, while Victoria Kulp (Tampa) won the Jr. Women’s Division. However, Californian Jacob Valdez (Cayon Lake) stood out from the rest to capture the Boy’s Division title.

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The Air Nautique by Correct Craft is the exclusive tow boat of the WWA Nationals. Celebrating more than 80 years of excellence in the marine industry, Correct Craft is a family-owned manufacturer of internationally acclaimed competition-caliber water-ski and wakeboard boats as well as boats for recreational enjoyment. Correct Craft Inc. is known for superior-quality products, cutting-edge technology and innovative hull designs.

The official magazine of the Air Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Championship is WakeBoarding, the premier publication for the sport. The National Championship is sanctioned by the World Wakeboarding Association and has the support of the following sponsors: Rip It Energy Fuel, the U.S. Air Force, Verizon Wireless, Fox, g3, Hyperlite Wakeboards, RGX powered by Right Guard, CWB, Gator Boards, Ronix, Reef, Oakley, Cire,, and

Finals Heat 01

1 Rusty Malinoski CDN 100.00
2 Shaun Murray USA 90.00
3 Danny Harf USA 77.50
4 Erik Ruck USA 72.50
5 Trevor Hansen USA 60.00


1 Reed Hansen USA 68.33
2 Brian Grubb USA 55.00
3 Stuart Shinn USA 48.33
4 Brandon Thomas USA 40.00

Women’s Professional – Finals Heat 01

1 Amber Wing AUS 68.56
2 Dallas Friday USA 63.22
3 Melissa Marquardt USA 60.44
4 Emily Copeland Durham USA 50.56

Junior Boys (9 and under) – Finals Heat 01

1 Jason Soven USA 53.89
2 Noah Flegel USA 49.28
3 Joe Martella USA 42.22
4 Zach Brown USA 38.33
5Christopher Herrera USA 32.44

Boys (10-13) – Finals Heat 01

1 Jacob Valdez USA 75.00
2 Daniel Powers USA 66.50
3 Cooper Swink USA 55.67
4 Michael Dowdy USA 54.33
5 Cale Middleton USA 40.67
6 Braxton Tomlinson USA 24.22

Jr Women Wakeboard – Finals Heat 01

1 Victoria Kulp USA 44.44
2 Holland Finley USA 43.33
3 Danni Petraitis USA 35.56
4 Megan Blaschka USA 29.44
5 Shawna Hoffman USA 25.56
6 Corrie Dyer USA 24.44

Junior Men (14-18) – Finals Heat 01

1 Jimmy LaRiche USA 69.72
2 Ryan Anderson USA 60.56
3 Alex Scagliotti USA 60.28
4 Julian Cohen USA 55.56
5 Robert Soven USA 49.44
6 Ryan King USA 45.28

Men’s Professional – Semi Finals

Heat 01

1 Shaun Murray USA 93.00
2 Andrew Adkison USA 92.00
3 Shawn Watson USA 85.00
4 Aaron Rathy CDN 70.00

Heat 02

1 Trevor Hansen USA 100.00
2 JD Webb USA 90.00
3 Shane Bonifay USA 80.00
4 Derek Grasman USA 70.00

Finals Heat 03

1 Erik Ruck USA 95.50
2 Olivier Derome CAN 88.00
3 Adam Errington USA 81.50
4 Keith Lidberg USA 75.00

Heat 04

1 Rusty Malinoski CDN 100.00
2 Daniel Watkins AUS 90.00
3 Nick Jones USA 76.00
4 Austin Hair USA 74.00

Heat 05

1 Danny Harf USA 97.50
2 Phillip Soven USA 92.50
3 Adam Wensink USA 78.50
4 Danny Thollander USA 71.50