We are proud to present the Dew Tour on NBC, NBC Sports Network and the Dew Tour Live stream online, but that great stuff is only a sliver of what we have to offer on site! If you are within a few hours of the event and can’t decide if loading up all your buddies and beach goods is worth it this weekend, check out our top 15 reasons to walk the beach in Ocean City, Maryland during Dew Tour and get back to packing!

15. Wednesday is the day before the big events begin to unfold, but the action in the sand starts early with the Dew Tour Community Day that will include an Open Skate Street Session! The Open Skate will be held from 4-7 pm ET inside the Dew Tour Experience.


14. Thursday is the first official day of competition at the Dew Tour, but one event you can't catch anywhere but in person from the beach is the Surf Shop Showdown. This Am tow-at surf comp is a unique event that's providing fresh take on our surf inclusion at the Dew Tour Beach Championship, and if you are from any of the neighboring areas this is your chance to see your friends in action! This event is from 8-10pm ET, and there will be a DJ spinning energy the entire time!

13. Friday kicks off an entire slew of competitions including a new one to the Dew Tour mix called, "Shop Battle: AM Skate Rail Jam," and as the name indicates this comp will feature local skaters representing their shop by going all out in front of the masses inside the Dew Tour Experience from 12-1pm ET – come support your crew!

12. For all those skaters looking for some serious street skating, check out the Mountain Dew Skate Demo to see some of the top dudes currently Dewing it for their team go all out for 30 minutes of mayhem from 3-3:30pm ET.

11. Before the BMX Vert Final takes place, you can watch your favorite riders spinning and whipping for a thirty-minute showcase in the form of a Mongoose BMX Demo! This event is from 5-5:30 pm ET and will act as a perfect lead in to the weekend's first final.

10. Friday night marks our first concert for the stop with the electro-punk trio Krewella! Come enjoy a blend of self-produced electro, dubstep, and pop with catchy melodies and heavy basslines! The concert goes from 8-10pm ET, and will open with the punk-pop-dance rock provided by New Politics!

9. Saturday in the sand will be blazing hot and packed with action! For the local rippers wishing they could take a dip in the cement pool, "Unlock the Bowl" will be taking place from 10am-12pm ET in order to satisfy the hungry locals' need to shred.

8. Once the temperature begins to cool and the athletes wrap up their runs, it is time to appreciate the finer things in action sports with Dew Tour Recognize: Art. Come out and observe some works of art belonging to ambassadors of the sport Steve Caballero, Neil Blender, Christian Hosoi, Kris Marchovich, Clint Peterson, Matt Dove and more!

7. Come Saturday night, the socially aware lyrics and dramatic beats of Talib Kweli will fill the air! Don't miss one of hip-hop's most successful underground acts of the last 20 years take to Dew Tour's main stage from 9-11pm ET and will be lead into by DJ Stimulus to get the crowd pumping.

6. Sunday is the final day of the Dew Tour Beach Championship, so you expect the best are saved for last. One of which, the BMX Flatland Final will be taking place on the main stage inside the Dew Tour Experience and for the second year in a row showcase the best in BMX spinning entirely in control for their chance at the Dew Tour title!

5. In case you missed the first BMX demo, the Mongoose team will return to the Dew Tour Experience for another showing of their skills for YOU! That's right, these athletes came out here to show you what they are made of, and although one demo is rad, Mongoose wants you to remember they roll deep and do demos in twos!

4. Dew Tour Experience every day! Vendors offering giveaways, new products plus tons of similarly interested fans keeping the energy buzz high all day every day!

3. The chance to run into your action sports idols in person! Between the occasional autograph signing, the professionals you came to watch are mingling and roaming around with the rest of the Dew Tour fans – so track one down and take a photo!

2. Watching the events LIVE in PERSON! You could, of course, tune in and watch from home via TV or live stream, but the chance to watch it first hand, feeding off the adrenaline of fellow fans and seeing the best athletes in action sports at the pinnacle of their game – this is not an every day opportunity, so don't miss it!

1. EVERYTHING IS FREE! Sure, there are places to buy new products and great food to spend a few bucks on, but to be there in the sun, on the sand and in person to experience everything the Dew Tour has to offer – FREE is all you need to know!

If that is not enough to get you off the couch… maybe action sports aren't for you!