Dew Tour Shop Showdown 2016

For the second year in a row, TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING and Dew Tour have teamed up to host the Shop Showdown video contest on to find the best shop team in the country. This year, we invited 15 new shops along with our returning champs, 303 Boards from Colorado, to create a 3-5 minute video edit in the span of one month featuring their best shop riders. With no pro involvement, this contest is a prodigious way to shine some light on the underdogs who constantly put in work for their local shops. From coast to coast, all 16 videos will be posted to and bracketed against each other until the final four videos are determined through a blend of audience voting and expert analysis by the TWS edit staff and pro skateboarders from Mountain Dew. The final four teams will be flown to Long Beach, California, to attend the Dew Tour on July 23 and 24 where they will compete head-to-head on the newly updated Dew Tour course, which will be broadcasted shortly after on NBC Sports. The winning shop will receive a 5,000-dollar cash prize, two-page editorial feature in an upcoming issue of TRANSWORLD SKATEBOARDING, and much more.

Keep up with everything on social media using #DewTourShopShowdown!

Watch the 2016 Dew Tour Shop Showdown teaser here. Voting starts at May 9.

Shop Quick Links
303 Boards | 35th Ave. | Ambler | Asylum | Blindside | Blue Tile | Boardertown | Index | Jokers | Prestige | Silo | Sixth Avenue | Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) | Subsect | Terrace | Underground

Featured Shops

  • 303 Boards

    Bio: 303 Boards started in 1997 as a small retail skateboard shop in Arvada Colorado. Ten years after its inception, and 10 plus local skate video productions later, 303 Boards moved its doors to a retail spot on Colfax in Denver. 303 CLFX has become a cornerstone within the skateboard community both locally and globally. We are currently expanding the retail location in Denver by adding an indoor skate bowl for the locals due to this success. Over the years many big names have come out of 303, such as David Reyes, Windsor James, Angel Ramirez, and Julian Christianson.
    Location: Denver, Colorado

  • 35th Ave.

    Bio: 35th Avenue has been in business since 1977. Still skater owned and operated, located in Federal Way, Washington.
    Location: Federal Way, Washington

  • Ambler

    Bio: Located in Ambler, PA, Ambler Skate Shop has been around since the early 1980’s, when first opened by Nasty Norm. Our mission is to provide quality goods and services for skate and snow customers at a fair price. We are a skater-owned and operated shop, but community-motivated to do our part in giving back to the board sports that inspired us and the community that has made it possible. We were voted 2 years running Best Skateshop in the Philadelphia area.
    Location: Ambler, Pennsylvania

  • Asylum

    Bio: Asylum has been holding it down for Oceanside since 2000. We’re strictly skateboarding and core skateboarding only. We’re just always trying to give back to the community and have a good time skating.
    Location: Oceanside, California

  • Blindside

    Bio: BlindSide first opened its doors in 2003 as a 100% skater owner and operated shop. Since then we have expanded into two locations across Oklahoma in 2015. We hope to continue to grow skateboarding in the Midwest.
    Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Blue Tile

    Bio: Founded 2001 by one grumbling, old, David Toole. This shop lives in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina. It is hot here. People are poor. We love it. Wishing you all the best. Love, Bluetile.
    Location: Columbia, South Carolina

  • Boardertown

    Bio: We are a locally owned Skate Shop/Park that was created in 2011. 100% Skater Operated. Shop is open 7 days a week and here to provide the ability to skate anytime year round in our 11,000sqft Team Pain Built indoor skatepark since the weather here is always such a hit or miss. We’re also here to help push Midwest skateboarding to new possibilities and help the local scenes grow by shedding light on our crusty unique spot selection… If you’re interested in any spots in this edit hit up Nick Gibson ( He would love to show you around, and help spread the hype!
    Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

  • Index

    Bio: Established in 2004, Index was founded on one premise: skateboarding and skateboarding only. Of course we carry all of the latest products, but our belief is that a true skate shop should be more than just a store. Index was created as a community center for skateboarders; a place to congregate, make friends and learn the culture that is skateboarding.
    Location: Dallas, Texas

  • Jokers

    Bio: Jokers Skate Shop opened its doors in December 2006 with a little more than just a wall of boards. We opened this place to give skaters of all kinds a place to call their own. We are not here to get rich or cash in on some flavor of the month fad but to give the skate community the best skate shop we can offer. Our main focus is and always will be skateboarding and our shop reflects that.

    Location: Huntington Beach, California

  • Prestige

    Bio: Prestige is a small skateshop in downtown Boise, Idaho. Since 2004 Prestige has only carried the finest skate supplies the industry has to offer as well as being heavily involved in the local skate scene. The shop continues to work with with some of the finest skaters in the community along with putting out a number of shop videos over the last eleven years.
    Location: Boise, Idaho

  • Silo

    Bio: Grand Island skateboard shop, making the most out of Nebraska weather since 1993. Added a second location 2014 in Omaha. Silo is a sole proprietorship grown out of necessity and for the love of skateboarding. 23+ years in and still feel like we are just getting started.
    Location: Omaha, Nebraska

  • Sixth Avenue

    Bio: Sixth Avenue Skatepark has been supporting skateboarding here in Nashville, TN for the last 13 years. We just want to help people and have a fun on skateboards!
    Location: Nashville, Tennessee

  • Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT)

    Bio: Founded in 1993, Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) is the longest operating private indoor skatepark in the world. SPoT is also a leading online retailer and full service production company specializing in the management of core skateboarding events. Famous for hosting the annual Tampa Pro and Tampa Am, SPoT has taken that success around the globe via its Damn Am Series, the premium amateur contest series that leads to the SLS Pro Open. Visit for more information and follow @SPoTTampa –’93 ‘Til Infinity.
    Location: Tampa, Florida

  • Subsect

    Bio: Subsect opened its doors in 1997 with a couple local skateboarders filling the demand for Des Moines, Iowa need for a real skateboard shop. Over the years owners have changed and now Kevin Jones and Heath Kirchart own the shop, but the goal remains the same, to provide our great city with a core shop. Skateboarding means everything to us and so do all of our skateboarders that support us.
    Location: De Moines, Iowa

  • Terrace

    Bio: Located in Downtown Fullerton, Terrace has been supporting the Southern California skateboard community since early 2014.
    Location: Fullerton, California

  • Underground

    Bio: Underground was started in 2010 in a small location in Nutley NJ. We are just over 5 years in now and have just opened a brand new flagship location in downtown Newark. 100% skater owned and operated. We are still a small business but try and help grow the local community with events and promotions through the summer months. As with most local shops we have a bunch of local kids that come hang out we like to think of them as family.
    Location: Nutley, New Jersey