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Playstation Pro Moment

The PlayStation Pro Moment puts fans in the judge’s seat and lets them choose the sickest trick from each Tour stop. At each Dew Tour final, one trick from every Sk8 & BMX discipline will be nominated for the award. Then it’s up to the fans to vote for their favorite online at, via text or in person at the Dew Tour’s Verizon Wireless booth.

At the last stop, the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas, all 15 nominated athletes will be up for the PlayStation Trick of the Year, and a panel of judges will crown the winner. If an athlete was nominated earlier in the year but didn’t win, this is their chance to go big, gamble, and pull out the ace in their sleeve. Vegas, baby, Vegas!

There’s $5,000 on the line for each PlayStation Pro Moment and another 5 grand for the PlayStation Trick of the Year. The athlete with the most votes for his trick wins, so check the voting periods below and make sure your opinion counts.

July 5 – July 25 (Boston)
July 26 – August 15 (Chicago)
August 30 – September 19 (Portland)
September 27 – October 17 (Salt Lake City)