AWSM on Alli Ep. 49 | Dew Tour Breckenridge, Style Vs. Progression + Top 5


This week's episode will Todd takes you behind the scenes at Dew Tour. Get a sneak peek into what Todd does at Dew. Top 5 this week opens up with an edit from the Dirksen Derby as it just wrapped up this past week. Then we roll into the big apple for some serious skating with some guys getting gritty in the streets. The third video in the lineup this week was tropical barrels presented by Rusty. The Audi Rs6 Avant is out and Todd couldn't help but slip in a clip of it. The top video this week is Daewon Song in 12 Daes of Christmas by Brick Harbor - nobody gets tech like Daewon. Richards wraps up this week's segment with a Rant on the triple cork 1440 and its affect on snowboarding style. With the focus purely on progression, does style get left behind? Richards lets you know what he thinks about it all.
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