Dew Tour Recognize: A Night of Industry Film Awards

For the first time, the Dew Tour dedicated an exclusive event to recognize the work done by ski and snowboard athletes and filmers outside of competition - Dew Tour Recognize: A Night of Industry Film Awards. On Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012, as part of the iON Mountain Championships, some of the most progressive and influential films from the 2012-13 ski and snowboard season were showcased. 

At the end of the night, each filmer was recognized for their efforts with an award and iON Air Pro POV camera. Be sure to check out the photo gallery from film night to see some of the producers accepting their awards on stage.

The weekend will culminate with an iON Viewer’s Choice Award as well as an Athlete’s Choice Awards. These winners will receive a cash prize and a Pantech Flex phone.

The Viewer's Choice and Athlete's Choice Awards will be announced soon!